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Synergy Air was founded out of a need to produce high quality, innovative and heavy duty cardio equipment and behind it stands Synergy Fitness. Synergy Fitness is today one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest and most successful distributors of commercial fitness equipment.

In 2012 Synergy began development on more uniquely innovative patent pending products with Bilateral Stability Control technology on our pin loaded strength products, as well as a whole new range of Air Displacement Ergometers, married with continuous variable transmission (CVT) and unilateral crank technology. These unique features effectively cater for all needs, whether general fitness, rehabilitation, or elite sports specific clients. No other brand in the world is able to offer Bilateral Stability Control or unilateral movement across an entire range of strength and cardio products. Synergy Fitness has also developed uniquely efficient and effective simulated altitude training systems, making hypoxic training now a truly viable commercial fitness training facility option

Power Swim/ Paddle Ergometer
Power Tower Ergometer
Power Climber Ergometer
Torque Cycle Ergometer
Power Cycle Ergometer
Bionic Power Cycle Ergometer
Cycle Ergometer
Bionic Cycle Ergometer

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