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Level 1 Suspended Fitness Course

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4.65 (140 reviews)

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This course is designed to introduce you to suspended fitness concepts, and to teach you how to assess and adjust essential suspension exercises and safely train individuals of all levels.

Learn the underlying WHY behind key exercise techniques and gain a solid foundation in suspended fitness training.

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This course is designed to introduce you to suspended fitness concepts, and to teach you how to assess and adjust essential suspension exercises and safely train individuals of all levels. 

Learn the underlying WHY behind key exercise techniques and gain a solid foundation in suspended fitness training.

If you have already purchased this course your course is available in your account once you are logged in.


This level 1 Suspended Fitness course is designed to teach personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts the fundamental concepts and foundation exercises behind Suspended Fitness Training.

This course delivers  information in a combination of learning styles, including visual, auditory, read/write and kinaesthetic, and covers fundamental Suspended Fitness principles, equipment set-up and use, and exercises.

If you have any questions while you are completing the course, you can post them in the private Facebook Group to get quick answers.

Combining over 100 years of industry experience, our expert team of exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and personal trainers bring you the most comprehensive Suspended Fitness certification courses available.


  • Understand the different types of suspension training products available
  • Understand how to set up and safely use different types of suspension straps
  • Understand the theory to teach essential suspended fitness exercises
  • Understand the principles of progressing and regressing exercise technique to adjust to your clients level
  • Be eligible to complete the Level 2 Suspended Fitness Course


There are no prerequisites to attend the Level 1 suspended fitness course. This course is open to qualified Personal Trainers as well as fitness enthusiasts.




  • What is Suspended Fitness?
  • Types of Suspended Fitness equipment
  • Benefits of Suspended Fitness
  • Another tool in the toolbox


  • Know your equipment
  • Anchoring
  • Adjusting Strap Height


  • Levers and Load
  • Stance
  • Pendulum Principle
  • Base of Support
  • Progressing & Regressing Exercises


  • Lunge
  • Press / Push
  • Pull / Row
  • Squat
  • Plank

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How long does this course take to complete?

The Level 1 Suspended Fitness course is designed to take 2.5 – 3 hours to complete. The speed at which you complete the course depends on how thoroughly you utilise all available course materials, and how much practice you choose to perform on each exercise.

Can I do this course if I use TRX or other suspension equipment?

Yes, this course teaches you suspension training exercises, theory and techniques that can be used with any suspension training equipment.

How do I start this course once I have booked online?

You will be redirected to the course page after checking out, and you will also be emailed with the courses page details. Whenever you come back to the site, you can find your courses under the “My Profile” menu at the top of each page.

How do I know you’re the best provider for this course?

  1. Our education team has a collective 200+ years of experience in the fitness and rehabilitation industries
  2. We have created a more thorough approach to suspended fitness, and removed the hype behind innefective exercise techniques to leave you with the best approach to this powerful training method
  3. Our courses are consistently rated among the best courses attended by fitness professionals
  4. We go beyond the HOW, and explain the WHY behind exercise technique and principles so that you don’t simply learn to copy and paste some exercises, you learn how to create your own exercises and assess and adjust exercises technique to suit client’s of all levels
  5. We teach you using a variety of learning styles, including visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and read/write. This means no matter how you learn best – we have you covered.

Our aim is to provide you with a safe and fun learning experience. Please read our policies below that affect you as a course participant.

CrankIt Fitness Code Of Ethics

Privacy Policy

Student Complaints And Appeals

140 reviews for Level 1 Suspended Fitness Course

  1. Sadie Montes

    Sadie Montes

    Course was very helpful to get a basic understanding of complexity, load and lever

  2. Junior Ruddell

    Junior Ruddell

    Great course flow and easy interface to work with. Great written and video content.

  3. Matt Connett

    Matt Connett

    Simple and easy to understand, but the video for level 3 lunge seem to be missing, hoep it’s fixed soon. Overall good course, would recommend.

  4. Lilian Merrett

    Lilian Merrett

    Excellent course. Very informative and I now feel more confident in using the straps for myself and my clients

  5. Amanda Cochrane

    Amanda Cochrane

    Clear and concise video instruction, make this course easy to follow. The content is great for building a basic understanding of suspension training concepts as well as teaching you how to use the equipment safely and correctly.

  6. Karinne Cooke

    Karinne Cooke

    Great course, Easy to understand with clear videos to show each movement

  7. Tony Katsikas

    Tony Katsikas

    Great and straight forward to understand . Enjoyed the videos in helping to visualize exercises in action.

  8. Dylan Matthes

    Dylan Matthes

    very informative and a great resource!!! I got a lot out of this course!

  9. Julian Cattonar

    Julian Cattonar

    covers basics

  10. Fantastic covered all the basics

  11. Christopher Teasdale

    Christopher Teasdale

    I enjoyed it. It was easy to follow and understand. Covered the basics necessary.

  12. Clear and easy to understand with good demo videos.

  13. Jovi Ong

    Jovi Ong

    Good course for introduction to suspension training.

  14. Anique Philips

    Anique Philips

    Very nice course, information presented in a clear way. I now understand the principles of suspended training and what mistakes to watch for.

  15. Isaac Scherer

    Isaac Scherer

    Superb online course. Information was clear and precise. Videos were informative, to the point and made comprehension easy.

  16. Mike Weggelaar

    Mike Weggelaar

    Course covered the basics well

  17. Reece Dumbell

    Reece Dumbell

    Covered everything we had covered as part of my PT course but now I have a formal certificate for it as the PT course does not actually provide that for this particular component. The view questions button is also missing from the last quiz so I could not see where I went wrong on the last quiz. Otherwise great course recommend

  18. Sam Cochrane

    Sam Cochrane

    easy to follow

  19. Great course!

  20. very easy to navigate online. Great videos and easy to understand. thank you

  21. Clare Royal

    Clare Royal

    Great course, was clear and easy to follow.

  22. Alison Proctor

    Alison Proctor

    Super course, to the point and well put together.

  23. easy to follow course. . video explained in easy terminology. would recommend

  24. Great course, easy to follow and clear instructions

  25. Very easy to follow with clear instructions on learnings

  26. Lesley


    Nice and easy to understand and complete

  27. Raimy Amasha

    Raimy Amasha

    Great content, the video’s are set out well, and informative. I will be recommending this course to fellow PT’s.

  28. very well put together and informative.

  29. Great course learnt a lot.

  30. Clear and easy to follow

  31. Nice and easy to follow. Everything explained well. Good introduction to fundamentals

  32. Chantelle Dargusch

    Chantelle Dargusch

    Really enjoyed completing this online Level 1 Suspended Fitness Course. Great set up with valuable resources, clear instruction and content, easy to understand! Would recommend it.

  33. Excellent on-line course. Content is easy to understand and put into practise. The videos are well detailed, and support the written notes well.

  34. Great course

  35. Geoge Paul Olarte

    Geoge Paul Olarte

    Good content and great explainations

  36. good information, well explained, loved the video descriptions!

  37. Great course, very informative.

  38. Jane Tallick

    Jane Tallick

    Great course with very informative and easy to follow content. Well done and I am looking forward to Level 2.

  39. excellent, great course very easy to understand

  40. Great course, easy to understand. Will take a lot away from this.

  41. Fantastic layout with course modules very easy to navigate through. This is a MUST for any trainer looking to learn the fundamentals and mechanics of suspension training.

  42. showed me how to do suspension training.

  43. very easy to understand and follow with great content. having the videos there as well as the written information was great.

  44. Easy to follow and learnt a lot

  45. Just completed level 1 suspended fitness and I’ll definitely be doing more! Thorough and easy to understand! Highly recommend them.

  46. Simple to navigate – easy to understand – great videos – instructions were clear – overall of the better online courses I have completed

  47. Very detailed, loved it. can’t wait to start using this style of training with my clients.

  48. Awesome, simple course.

  49. Very clear videos with great information!

  50. Loved it! Will be doing the other course shortly!!

  51. Enjoyable and easy to follow. Information is clear and precise.

  52. Great course content. Simply set out to navigate through with lots of extra videos to watch for complete understanding. Really enjoyed this one +++

  53. Great online course. Information was well presented and easy to understand. The videos really helped cement correct technique.

  54. Great! Easy to understand with well presented clear videos.

  55. Clear and not overloaded with excess and irrelevant information, great learning tool to help apply in practical use!

  56. Easy to understand and well presented

  57. Easy to follow, clear instructions provided.

  58. Great course, easy to follow and understand. Perfect foundation for suspended fitness courses.

  59. Great foundations class for suspension training and level 2 will be very interesting

  60. great course to grasp the basics of suspension training

  61. Great foundations class for suspension training.

  62. Comprehensive and easy to understand! Great combination of videos and theory content

  63. awesome short course!

  64. Well done guys- excellent course.

  65. Great course

  66. Easy to follow and well explained course. Good instruction and teaching of the basics

  67. Great course

  68. Great content and clear instruction. Well presented, thank you.

  69. Hardik - web developer Freshlime

    Hardik - web developer Freshlime

    Great Course

  70. Great overview and introduction. Provided some handy tips and common mistakes to look for. Easy to navigate and good quality videos in small sections easy to revisit when needed

  71. Great course. Clear, easy to understand, concise.

  72. Hardik - web developer Freshlime

    Hardik - web developer Freshlime


  73. The manual I downloaded from the site was missing the row type exercises section for some reason (maybe a glitch) but apart from that it was a great course – Videos are very detailed and well explained – nice short cues that are easy to understand

  74. Great course and excellent detailed content

  75. Great content, is to understand and was well communicated through the use of practical examples.

  76. Great course,easy to understand and complete

  77. covered all basics and much comprehensive.

  78. A clear and informative course on Suspension Fitness

  79. very clear easy to follow with good cues and common mistakes

  80. Great course, so much information for a short and online course. Was interesting and I’m exited to go out and try this on myself and clients! Thanks!

  81. I found this Course to be clear and concise with great videos and that it could be done at your own pace.

  82. I found this Course to be clear and concise with great videos for teaching Technic.

  83. A very easy to use and straight forward course. Not too over the top with information but still provided a great introduction to Suspension Training.

  84. very well explained, videos were excellent …overall an excellent course with great content easy to undertand and follow

  85. Great course, however a little more instruction on correctly setting up the client for the exercise would be beneficial (e.g., for the squat, how far “roughly” you should stand from the anchor point)

  86. Great course. the videos are on point with what is in the text

  87. Videos were clear and concise. Course was great!

  88. Good content. Although, would like to see more exercises – even though it’s only Level 1.

    • Owen Bowling

      Owen Bowling

      Hi Ben thanks for the feedback! Level 2 is being launched soon which includes a heap more exercises, plus you can find hundreds of exercise instructional videos inside Club CrankIt so with the skills you now have understanding the key techniques that underpin every exercise, you can take those exercises in Club CrankIt and utilise them with your clients.

  89. Great online course, would recommend

  90. Clear instructions and videos so it was east to perform exercises. A very useful tool to use in PT work

  91. Really awesome course easy to understand and to put into practice. Would highly recomend to any one.

  92. Easy to follow

  93. Great online course! Easy to understand and the videos were well presented – providing visual demonstrations were also great.

  94. Awesome online course! Easy to understand explanations and videos!

  95. Awesome, it was informative and covered the basics that are needed to know. It was clear and easy to follow and understand. I have learn’t allot, thank you 🙂

  96. very easy to understand and interpret the course content.
    really enjoyed the combination of videos and course manual !
    overall great online course.

  97. Very easy to understand the content. The videos were excellent.

  98. The only problem I had was not being able to see which questions I got wrong

  99. fantastic course!

  100. Really great course to have done as it has expanded my knowledge on suspension training. i would recommend this to anyone

  101. Awsome that i can do it online and has all the information i needed to know

  102. Easy to follow and the video was simple to listen to and understand.

  103. Really informative, great detail, and plenty of knowledge of how to identify strengths and weaknesses just through the basic movement patterns.

  104. Easy to follow.

  105. Excellent online course. Had very clear instruction and was super easy to follow.

  106. Simple, easy to follow and put into practise and full of useful cueing tips to help with clients.

  107. Great explanations and demonstrations shown in this course. Easy to understand and the process of the teaching is well set out.

  108. This is a fantastic course and allows me to expand on the ways I can train my clients and offer them more in the way of mastering body weight exercises. I love how simple and easy to follow this course is and how it can give more to my business and knowledge base.

  109. Great course content and I am keen to do more courses

  110. One of the best online courses I have ever done! I cant wait to try this out

  111. great course

  112. very easy to follow and i joyed very much thank you for give me this opportunity

  113. Everything was explained clearly and there was lots of quality information.

  114. Thanks for the opportunity

  115. Clear concise and easy to understand. Fired up to use my straps now!!

  116. Had fun it will be a benefit to my clients

  117. great course. Feel confident using this in my own training

  118. good fun, great intro to suspension training

  119. Great course with clear and easy to understand instructions and cues.

  120. Loved the video’s. Great course.

  121. Great course enjoyed it will help with clients and give more of a understanding of the crank it strap thank you very much.

  122. really enjoyed it one of the best courses I have done. Great information learnt a lot.

  123. Great online course. Easy to follow and the videos were great! Fantastic!!!

  124. Easy to follow

  125. Great course! Easy to understand and covered all areas!

  126. Very informative and fantastic resources that you can always refer back to! Great course!

  127. Good information – loved the videos

  128. Fabulous videos explained simply and clearly. Really appreciated the common mistakes clients will make being demonstrated. THANK YOU.

  129. Excellent course, really enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot about suspended fitness!

  130. Fantastic online course. Very clear instructions and easy to understand.

  131. Very clear instruction based on sound knowledge and experience. Thorough online content with different learning options. Definitely recommend this course to other PT’s working with a wide range of clients.

  132. Good basic course and gives a better understanding of the different types of suspension straps. I thought some of the photographs (lunge step forward and backwards) were not in accordance with the guidance in the video.
    Thanks very much, I really enjoyed this short course.

  133. Lorraine

    I enjoyed learning the correct exercise techniques and the videos were very easy to follow

  134. Julie

    Easy to understand , good visual component and explanations

  135. Noemi

    The combination of learning styles throughout the course was excellent. Maybe some extra time for the quizzes would be good!

  136. Taghi

    Excellent instruction and easy to understand. I believe for level 1, it was quite well

  137. Shane

    Course videos were clear and concise.
    Owen’s tone and communication style is very easy to follow and informative.

  138. Priscilla

    Best thing about the course was the quality of the video’s.
    I found it very fun

  139. Samir

    covered all basics and very easy to follow and understand.
    awsum work . keep it up..

  140. Stacy

    One of the best online courses I have done. Super easy to understand what I needed to do, and the videos were really clear. Great course!

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