What is Suspended Fitness?

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Suspended Fitness describes a method of performing bodyweight exercises utilising non-flexible straps, where gravity creates the load resistance.

Suspended Fitness allows you to perform literally hundreds of bodyweight exercises that challenge strength, stability, flexibility, balance, coordination and core strength.

Suspended Fitness training is not new, in fact it originates from gymastics rings, which have been used since the 1800’s. Since 2008 this method of training has grown to become one of the top functional training options in the fitness industry worldwide. Suspended fitness is used by all levels of fitness industry, military, athletes, rehabilitation and physio’s, and has proven itself as an excellent and versatile bodyweight training method.


CrankIt Straps were developed in 2009 by Owen Bowling, an Australian personal trainer and former circus acrobat and professional soccer player. After discovering Suspended Fitness, Owen started using it extensively with his clients. He was unimpressed by the lack of versatility of the products available, and his passion for movement based training lead him to develop a more versatile, durable and end-user design centric suspended fitness product.



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