Video Transcription (pdf)

Stance is another powerful exercise technique that we can adjust to create different outcomes or progress/regress exercises.

There are 3 main types of stance for Suspended Fitness exercises:

1: Wide (shoulder width) stance
Most stable and easiest stance option, allows user to focus on the exercise action/movement without having to control balance.

2: Narrow (feet together) stance
Less stable than wide feet. Will be easy for stable and athletic users, but more challenging for unstable or deconditioned users.

3: Single leg stance
Single leg stance increase the challenge of performing many exercises, as it can change the center of gravity. The user needs to stabilize more to prevent twisting or lateral gliding of the hip.

It is important to note that when starting a single leg stance, always place the feet together before lifting one leg to avoid falling sideways!

Split Stance
A fourth stance that can also be used is split stance, where one foot is placed in front of the other. This can be used in exercises where there is some need for load assistance during the range of motion.