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Suspended Fitness is a brilliant and versatile type of training, however it should never be the ONLY training method used with clients, as there are other complimentary training options that are necessary.

Imagine that Suspension Straps are a swiss army knife (multi tool), and that a Barbell is a hammer.

A swiss army knife is a wonderful tool that you can do many jobs with, but if you have to hammer nails into hard wood, a hammer is a much better tool for the job!

This is the same for your suspension straps, they are versatile and a great fitness tool, but a complete toolbox must also have complimentary tools to best suit the training requirements of different users.

Here are some additional complimentary tools that work well with suspended fitness:

  1. Kettlebells
  2. Dumbells
  3. Barbells
  4. Powerbags/Sandbags
  5. Battling Ropes